Contact: Chris Carrera

Phone: 207-318-9566

Email: [email protected]

Products Offered

PPA, PPA EZ, Loan, Loan+Storage

Corporate Contact Information


Sunnova is one of Summit Energy’s preferred lenders for both PPA and loan options. Although their contracting does require a system design to be built in their portal as well as ours, the designers will do so if Sunnova is selected when the design request is made.


  • Have their own 24/7 system monitoring for all options
  • Production guarantee for PPA’s


  • Don’t allow multi-family over 3 units
  • We require more images for commissioning package approval
  • Max oversizing is 140% w/o battery or 150% with battery

States Available

  • Mass
  • NH
  • RI
  • CT
  • SC
  • TX

Credit Requirement

  • 650+ for all products
  • 600+ for 4.49% and 5.49%
  • Soft credit check
  • No debt/income ratio

Pricing Caps

  • $150,000 max
  • 50 kw system size with or without battery